2014 Session Materials

Thank you to all the presenters who provided session materials, you will find these provided materials listed below by session time.

Session A


Session B


Session C


Learn and Teach IPv6

Curriculum Mapping in CTE

Autonomous Robots – Celebrating the Benefits of Embedding STEM Education

Using Perkins Core Performance Indicator Dashboards Effectively

Embedding STEM in Summer Career Camps

Robotics Across the Educational Continuum

Girls in STEM: A three-day STEM Camp for 8th Grade Girls

Resources for Business Educators and Young Entrepreneurs: Powerful No-Cost Tools from MeL
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Top Job in 2014: How can we Meet the Demand

Data-Driven School Counseling
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Session D

   Session E    Session F  

Branding Your CTE Program

Academic Mise ne Place for Culinary Arts

Community Conversation: What’ YOUR Agenda for Michigan in 2014

Pure Michigan Talent Connect

The In’s and Out’s of Placing Students in a Work Environment

Improving Degree and Credential Attainment through the creation of Local College Access Networks

Setting a New Standard for CTE – Common Career Technical Core

Transitioning to NGSS
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New Tech Resources to Impact CTE Instruction

Smarter Cars, Smarter Students

TRAC – FREE Student Outreach Tool

What CTE Instructors Should Know About Common Core

One Group’s Journey into Formative Assessment

Who is Driving Your Bus